End of tenancy cleaning and velvet sofa cleaning service in St Katharine Docks

End of tenancy cleaning and velvet sofa cleaning service in St Katharine Docks

Customer Location:

St Katharine Docks, London E1W

The Challenge:

Undertaking a move-out clean is not a trivial task. Eliminating any dust, dirt and stains caused by previous inhabitants and restoring the glamorous appearance of a property requires efficient cleaning, expertise and the right cleaning detergents. The job is even more important when the property needs to be handed over to new tenants within shortest terms and – time pressure is also a factor.

For sure no one expects to move into a place and find remnants or other evidence, in the form of dirt and stains, of previous occupancy. That is why landlords require the best possible result from the property end of tenancy cleaners, within a well-defined budget and short cleaning slot.

And so, Home Maid Clean was called in to this dwelling in St Katharine Docks to do a complete end of tenancy cleaning and also deep steam sofa cleaning of a 5-seat, L-shaped velvet sofa. The property urgently needed to restore its comfort and pleasing appearance for its new inhabitant.

velvet sofa cleaning

The Solution:

Being much experienced with end of tenancy cleaning, we knew that a thorough cleaning was expected within shortest terms. So, the move-out cleaning and steam sofa cleaning had to be done together, to save time. We sent a bigger team of domestic cleaning professionals to this home, so the time pressure would not affect the quality of this cleaning job. Our cleaning team follows a strict tenancy cleaning checklist which ensures that every tiny corner and item in the property would be cleaned. We prioritised the cleaning of the room with the sofa, so no dust and dirt would be left when the sofa cleaning was initiated. Then, the remaining premises in this dwelling were given a thorough cleaning. As is usual for end of tenancy cleaning, our cleaning team used professional eco cleaning detergents for this cleaning job so even the most stubborn grease and dirt in the premises could be efficiently cleaned.

As for the velvet sofa – our cleaners were careful to cater to the delicate nature of the material while still giving the sofa a through steam clean. All stains on the sofa were first examined for their nature and then pre-treated with the appropriate stain cleaning detergents. Then, using powerful professional steam cleaning equipment, all dirt and dust nested deep into the sofa insides had been taken out. The bad smells resulting from the latter had also been removed.

The Result:

velvet sofa cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleaning and sofa cleaning team handled both cleaning jobs with excellent outcome, within the short time allocated. The property looked perfectly clean, refreshed and welcoming, much to the pleasure of the landlord who was confident that the new tenants would appreciate the appearance of their new home.

All stains were completely removed from the sofa and its colour was refreshed and revived! The velvet fabrics was once again soft and smelling fresh. Our steam cleaning took care of every odour causing dirt and soil!

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