End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Covent Garden, London WC2

End of tenancy carpet cleaning in Covent Garden, London WC2

Customer Location:

Covent Garden, Greater London

The Challenge:

Habits affect the state of carpets too, unfortunately; and it can be an unsightly and dirty outcome, even when that was not the intent. Our customer had an end of tenancy cleaning request that needed special attention to the carpet.

The soils on this carpet were a little unusual. Transfer of colour from textile to textile – black socks to light coloured carpet was very evident all over! And the carpet was generally discoloured!

The carpet was in no condition that a brand new tenant would be happy with, neither would a Landlord be pleased about. So, the carpet needed professional steam carpet cleaning done during the domestic end of tenancy cleaning. Our customer contacted Home Maid Clean to get rid of black fabric balls from the carpet and to clean the dirt caused by the socks black colour.

end of tenancy carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Not every carpet cleaning situation requires the same treatment. But whatever the domestic cleaning or office cleaning need is, Home Maid Clean has the skills and expertise to accomplish it with the best possible quality and within reasonable budget.

This carpet needed special attention to remove the bits of colour from the black socks that had attached itself to the carpet. First, the extent to which the socks black colour had gone deep into the carpet textile had been assessed. Then, extra care was put into professional vacuuming of the carpet to remove the textile balls along with dust and dirt captured in the carpet. Stain removers and powerful carpet cleaning equipment were used to remove the black stains and dirt stains that had discoloured the carpet textile.

The Result:

end of tenancy carpet cleaning

The house was given a deep end of tenancy clean and the carpet was completely steam cleaned to a refreshing newness. Home Maid Clean’s carpet cleaning professionals effectively removed dirt stains and black socks stains from the carpet and successfully revived the colour of the carpet, bringing back its vibrancy and freshness to the environment.

Our customer got his rental deposit back and, for sure, the next tenant of this property was happy to be welcomed in a house looking as clean and fresh as possible!

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and let us get the stains, dirt, dust and allergens out of your carpets.

We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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