Domestic cleaning service in Landmark West Tower, Canary Wharf, East London E14

Customer Location:

Landmark West Tower, Canary Wharf, East London E14

The Challenge:

Routine cleaning does not sound like a challenge until you’ve got other, more urgent or simply far more pleasant chores to do! If you love staying in a clean environment but just don’t have the requisite time, energy or desire to do the cleaning up and maintenance of it yourself – Home Maid Clean comes to help and take over even your routine domestic cleaning service for you.  So that your home or office can be comfortable and clean, every single day.

So, when everyday cleaning becomes your challenge, we can manage it for you, just the same way we do for our customer in Canary Wharf.

Our customer is a busy person so, just like 90%+ of our customers do, he entrusts the key to his apartment to his cleaning maid. So he would enter a clean home when he is back from work. We always provide the same cleaning maid to our regular domestic cleaning customers and always secure a replacement during maid days off.

domestic cleaning service


The Solution:

To accomplish a total domestic clean on a regular, consistent basis we provide a weekly cleaning service that lasts about three (3) hours to our customer.

This gives our cleaner enough time to clean 2 bathrooms, the kitchen, wash the windows and vacuum the carpet. A thorough clean would not be complete without dusting and tidying, curtain and sofa cleaning to remove dust and allergens from all the places where they are likely to lodge and contaminate the air and breathing space.

The Result:

domestic cleaning service

Our 3-hour domestic cleaning service leaves behind a home that is sparkling clean, dust and odour-free. Our customer may now get back and relax in a home that feels and looks great, without spending a minute of their precious time! All items that have been moved around to ensure thorough clean are moved back to their places.

Thanks to our eco-friendly, but effective cleaning detergents, our powerful cleaning machines and highly trained stuff, stains, dirt and dust have been removed in a much more efficient way and within less time than our customer would take to clean on their own (provided they had the time).

Check out our domestic cleaning service and call us to schedule a complete domestic clean for you.

We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and our services can be booked at short notice at no extra charge. Get in touch to book a cleaning slot.


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