DIY Upholstery Cleaning – How to clean upholstery stains

DIY Upholstery Cleaning – How to clean upholstery stains

If your upholstery has small and fresh upholstery stains – you may as well try to clean those yourself, without using professional steam upholstery cleaning.

Tips for great results in cleaning upholstered items yourself:

Don’ts for cleaning upholstery stains:

  • Do not saturate the surface.
    This may cause damages and leave spots in the area you have tried to clean. Soft furniture is vulnerable to dirt and stains. Grime can get even deeper into the material if saturated.
  • Do not start before you test your cleaning product in some invisible area.
  • Do not start without reading all the instructions on the label of your material.
  • Do not use strong concentrated cleaning detergents. The chance to damage your upholstery is quite big. Avoid strong commercial stuff; rather use some natural means you have made at home.

What cleaning products should you use?

Some really good and tested products for upholstery cleaning:

  • Upholstery steam cleaning by Home Maid Clean upholstery stains

    Upholstery steam cleaning by Home Maid Clean

    Laundry detergent diluted with warm water.

    There are some good detergents you can find in the stores. But if you want to use some healthy and effective stuff, you better choose the eco ones.

  • A good and natural detergent is white vinegar.

    It is always good for stains. Make sure you use some soap mixed in water afterwards though and let the room be ventilated well. This will help the spot to dry quicker and will reduce the smell of vinegar.

  • Baby wipes may also work for easy upholstery stains.

    Baby wipes are mild and alcohol free. They are not too wet but not too dry either. Just perfect for some of those light stains.

Upholstery cleaning step by step


  1. Upholstery steam cleaning by Home Maid Clean upholstery stains

    Upholstery steam cleaning by Home Maid Clean

    Always vacuum first!

    This rule is valid for cleaning carpets and floors too. Vacuuming will remove all dust and rough surface dirt.

  2. Treat the spots.

    Get a baby wipe or vinegar and water solution and apply on dirty spots using a soft cloth.

  3. Do the real cleaning.

    Get a fabric cloth, prepare soapy water or a vinegar-water solution and wipe all upholstery surfaces. Let it soak for a while. Remember, do not let the material be saturated with your solution.

  4. Finally, let it dry.

    Best way for all fabrics to dry is to let some fresh air circulate into the room. Open your windows and turn the fan on.

That is it. Get rid of your stains shortly after being made, for a greater chance to clean them up on your own.

Stubborn and older stains of all kinds can be easily handled by upholstery steam cleaning. Home Maid Clean steam cleaning team will come over anywhere in London within the M25, with no rush fee for urgent cleanups.

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