DIY Mattress Cleaning – How to Remove Mattress Stains

We often forget about mattress cleaning when we do our deep domestic cleaning. We mainly think about our carpets, upholstery, floors and bathrooms…

But, mattresses collect dirt the same way other soft furniture does.  Not to mention mites and microorganisms that are living creatures and cause lots of allergies on some people. And how about the unpleasant yellow mattress stains showing up with the time? (usually triggered by sweat, spilled beverages and other body liquids).

Here are a few tips on how to clean your mattresses on your own:

mattress steam cleaning cleaning mattress stainsStep # 1: 
Vacuum regularly.

Vacuuming helps in all cases. It saves a lot of cleaning problems afterwards. When you do vacuuming before doing the wet cleaning, you prevent a big amount of dirt to get wet and soak into the mattress even deeper.  It also helps to prevent some dirt to become a nasty stain when getting wet.

Step # 2: Removing stains and old dirt – HOW?

1.Spray the mattress all over with lemon juice mixed with water.

You can also use some regular chemical cleaner that is citrus based. Let it set for a while (5 to 10 minutes) over the mattress stains. Then take a clean white cloth and carefully blot. But don’t rub. Rubbing can make the stain spread and get worse. You can also use some dish detergent but make sure you do not take a very strong and concentrated one. Mix it with water.

After it is all done, open all windows wide to provide good air circulation for the mattress to dry quickly.

2. Clean with hydrogen peroxide – this a perfect agent for blood stains. Use some of it on the stain and while it is bubbling, gently blot with a white cloth. Then rinse using cold water.

Another effective method for fresh blood stains is to put some salt into water and spray it all over the stain.

Baby cot steam cleaning mattress stains

Baby mattress steam cleaning by Home Maid Clean

3. Clean with baking soda.
This is a great all-purpose cleaning agent. Mix some backing soda and water into a bowl. Spread it over the mattress area and let it sit for half an hour.

Take a white cloth that is a little wet and clean carefully. Provide good ventilation and fresh air into the room to let the mattress dry quickly.

4. Clean with dish-washing detergent.
This is another effective agent for mattress cleaning. Put some liquid detergent into cold water, dip a white cloth and let it soak into the solution. Then clean the area with it. Use a toothbrush to brush the spot then blot with a wet fabric cloth. Dry the spot using a towel and leave the windows opened or a fan turned on.

If the stains are stubborn and don’t get out using the above tips – don’t worry, call us to arrange mattress steam cleaning service. We use powerful professional detergents and professional steam cleaning and drying equipment. So, you’ll get your mattresses perfectly clean, both on the outside and inside, within no time.

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