Steam cleaning of a designer sofa in Old Street, Central London, EC2

Customer Location

Old Street, Central London, EC2

The Challenge

Initially this seemed to be a regular sofa cleaning request by a customer on Old Street. But, when Home Maid Clean sofa cleaners arrived at the customer’s home, it was clear we were to handle a special cleaning case.

The unusually coloured green, designer sofa required extra care, not only because of its colour, but because of its unusual shape and delicate cotton fabric. So, careful treatment by experienced professional cleaners was a must.

designer sofa cleaning before

The Solution

The cleaning technicians from Home Maid Clean were not at all daunted by this particular challenge. Thanks to intensive training received, the technician was able to assess the particular designer sofa cleaning needs of this prized piece of furniture and administer the appropriate cleaning techniques and products without any compromise.

The most efficient and appropriate eco-detergents were applied, using pre-soak, where necessary, to ensure that hard stains would be completely removed without having to over scrub, risking damage to the delicate fabric.

Because of its specific shape, the sofa was moved around to ensure a complete and thorough cleaning, getting it rid of all stains that were visible. The cleaner also had to eliminate dust and other debris from spillage of white wine and club soda that were caught in the crevices and fabric of the sofa.  Using professional sofa steam cleaning equipment and high-quality cleaning detergents the cleaning was successfully accomplished, with perfect results.

The Result

designer sofa cleaning

The result: a sofa that looked as good as new!  All stains from spillage of wine, soda water and other liquids were completely removed.  There was a cigarette burn mark that damaged the fabric and could not be removed, but all other marks were entirely removed.

Following this professional designer sofa cleaning service by Home Maid Clean we got a vibrant, rejuvenated sofa colour.  The sofa was pleasantly restored to its former glory with cleaning that was done urgently, but thoroughly!

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