Spring cleaning service in a house in Parsons Green

Spring cleaning service in a house in Parsons Green

Customer Location:

Parsons Green, Greater London, SW6

The Challenge:

A thorough, deep spring cleaning is such a wonderful way to say Bye-bye to Winter and to Welcome wonderful Spring! Our customer in Parsons Green wanted to do just this – clean out the moisture, mustiness and all those pollutants that come with being locked up and locked away in winter, and welcome in clean, fresh spring air! This kind of thorough spring cleaning can be pretty overwhelming without the tenacity and technical skills to undertake this job, do it properly and complete it without wearing one’s self thin. Professional cleaning help was needed and our customer sought help from Home Maid Clean’s domestic cleaning team to take care of this deep clean, including mattress cleaning and steam carpet cleaning.

deep spring cleaning

The Solution:

As per the normal professional rudiments of our spring cleaning procedure, our cleaners assessed the dwelling to measure the expanse of it and all that would be needed to get the job done thoroughly. Furniture was moved around to access hidden spots where moisture and dust could have been hiding.  Corners were vacuumed, bathrooms were de-greased and limescale was removed, in all areas, including the conservatory.  With nothing but the best of professional eco cleaning detergents and our sate of the art equipment, mattresses and carpets were deeply vacuumed. Then, steam mattress cleaning and carpet cleaning was done.

The Result:

deep spring cleaning

The dwelling was free of limescale, mould or mildew caused by hot wet air all winter.  Bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, sofas…nothing or nowhere was left without being cleaned. As always, our spring cleaning team had followed our thorough cleaning checklist and made sure not a single corner in the premise had been left out uncleaned.

Mattresses and carpets were steam cleaned to freshness, and curtains were also cleaned of all dust and dirt. This home was given the thorough spring cleaning it deserved and the result was a beautiful freshness akin to spring!

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