Deep one-off cleaning before a wedding event in Kensington

Deep one-off cleaning before a wedding event in Kensington

Customer Location:

Kensington, West London, W8

The Challenge:

Wedding day!  The one day in life that must be clean and perfect!

It can be simply nerve racking to imagine that your guest will turn up on your wedding day to a place that is unclean and untidy.  Unacceptable!  From venue to accommodation, even if accommodation is at home, things should be spic and span and perfect in the eyes of wedding guests. To make certain that her guests would be housed in a clean and comfortable, hygienic environment our customer in Kensington hired Home Maid Clean to get the one-off domestic cleaning job professionally done.

deep one off cleaning

The Solution:

Our domestic cleaners understand our customers’ needs and know what a one-time wedding day deep one off cleaning requires.  After all, you don’t get a rehearsal for the cleaning preparations, it just needs to get done right in one go!

But Home Maid Clean has the solution for that.  With vast experience and training in handling cleaning jobs, our domestic cleaners followed a strict cleaning checklist for this deep one off cleaning. Any extra domestic cleaning requirements by our customer had been agreed on and also taken care of.

As a part of our one off cleaning procedure, Home Maid Clean uses only the best of eco-friendly cleaning products that ensures that guests would not react to harsh chemical residue left after cleaning.  So, our customer had the assurance that there would be no unfortunate drama on her wedding day because of the cleaning job she got done.

The Result:

deep one off cleaning

The house was given a thorough and proper deep one off cleaning! Every corner of the premises was given the Home Maid Clean touch, much to the pleasure of our valued customer!  She was more than satisfied with the job done!

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