Deep one-off cleaning of a property in Islington, London N1

Deep one-off cleaning of a property in Islington, London N1

Customer Location:

Islington, Greater London N1

The Challenge:

Knowing what delights your loved ones enables you to love them better, say the experts. Home Maid Clean knows that this is sometimes, simply, keeping the home environment clean.  After all, a clean house adds to everyone’s comfort and happiness. Anticipating your spouse’s appreciation of a spanking clean flat to return to from a long business trip far away from home makes the job of deep cleaning as best as you possibly can a delight.

And, if you are not able to accomplish this cleaning challenge on your own, why not just call the one off cleaning experts at Home Maid Clean to do it for you?  Just like out customer in Islington did.

deep one-off cleaning

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean embarked on a quest to deep clean this 2-bedroom flat. Our cleaning technicians unleashed their domestic cleaning skills to ensure that the goodly wife would come home to a flat so immaculately clean, she would imagine there was a live-in maid keeping things in order while she was away.

Our professional and most efficient cleaning products were used to get rid of dust and dirt, food stains, decreasing of bathroom and kitchen areas, cleaning of furniture, and the whole works. Home Maid Clean one off cleaning service comes with professional cleaning detergents fully provided by us.

The Result:

deep one-off cleaning

Our customer was pleased with the outcome of this deep one off cleaning of their flat that was done only the day prior to his wife returning home! He was confident that she would feel welcomed and happy to come home to a perfectly clean, deodorized environment cleaned with eco products that would not irritate or cause allergic reaction.

Check out our one off cleaning service and call us to book a clean for you! We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no additional cost. We boast of numerous customers happy with our wide range of cleaning services – check out our customer testimonials.

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