Deep one-off clean of a house in Richmond, London TW10

Deep one-off clean of a house in Richmond, London TW10

Customer Location:

Richmond, London TW10

The Challenge:

Our recent customer was a family spending half of the year in one country and the rest – in another. This may sound odd to some, but the fact that Spring and Summer in the customer’s homeland were very hot and humid made him go for this solution.

So, this customer’s family home was only used in the Spring and Summer. The rest of the year it remained closed and hence, required a special deep one-off clean before moving in again. We always clean homes per our high cleaning standards. But in this particular case, there was an extra reason to be even more careful. When we got the customer’s call asking us to handle the deep cleaning for this home, we have been told that their little boy was allergic to dust. So, absolutely no trace of dust could be left. With 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, this huge house needed an entire team of domestic cleaning professionals to make sure everything was shining before the family arrived.

deep one-off clean

The Solution:

At Home Maid Clean, our entire domestic cleaning team is well-trained and experienced at even the most challenging cleaning chores. We also follow a strict cleaning workflow and a professional cleaning checklist, ensuring each single item in a home would be thoroughly cleaned. Hence, even bigger houses or offices where an entire domestic cleaning team needs to handle the job are not a challenge – we know how to work as a team. So as soon as we arrived at the customer’s house, we divided the tasks between the team according to our domestic cleaning checklist. Since this was a 5-storey house with 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, we need to make sure that we were going to have everything fully cleaned within just 1 day.

The Result:

deep one-off clean

Thanks to the experience and training of Home Maid Clean domestic cleaning professionals, we were able to clean every single spot on this huge house, within the deadline requested by our customer. Making sure we were extra careful with the dust, we also made sure to use our eco-friendly cleaning products. These are not only good for the environment but they usually won’t have any effects on extra sensitive and allergic children and adults as well.

The Home Maid Clean team spent one entire day, giving this house a deep one-off cleaning, from top to bottom. We even dusted all books in the family library, one by one. We couldn’t be more proud of the work we did there and we were able to get the home delivered to the family that was about to arrive.

Our customer had previously used Home Maid Clean domestic cleaning services and had been happy to entrust the keys to his house to our domestic cleaning team. Thus, his presence was not needed during the cleaning and he was happy to come back, together with his family, to a house that was once again a healthy and safe environment for all his family members.

We clean homes and offices everywhere in London and leave a perfectly clean environment, safe even for people with allergies or extra sensitivity to dust.

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