Deep domestic cleaning before baby’s arrival in Arnos Grove

Deep domestic cleaning before baby’s arrival in Arnos Grove

Customer Location:

Arnos Grove, London N11

The Challenge:

Bringing a new-born into the world can sometimes be a stressful experience.  Any mother wants to ensure that everything is clean and hygienic enough for the baby, and that there will be no bacteria or germs to affect the baby’s health.

Some people, like our customer in Arnos Grove, will go all out to do a deep domestic cleaning of the environment, including deep carpet cleaning, to ensure that her newborn will not be exposed to dirt, allergens and pollutants that will cause a delicate baby to get sick.

deep domestic cleaning london

deep domestic cleaning london

The Solution:

The efficient eco detergents that are signature cleaning products for Home Maid Clean were perfect for this project!

Our domestic cleaning and carpet cleaning technicians administered a deep clean of this home, making it a very safe and clean environment for any newborn! There was no need to worry about dirt, dust, grime, hidden bacteria or allergens in the fibers of the carpet, or anywhere in the house, that may affect this child.  Neither was there any need to worry about the effects of harmful chemicals, because Home Maid Clean uses only the most gentle, but effective eco detergents, which are ideal for the home of a newborn.

The Result:

deep domestic cleaning london

deep domestic cleaning london

Baby was guaranteed a clean and friendly environment to come home to!

With the gentlest of eco detergents all dust and dirt were removed, not just from the carpet, but from the entire house. A deep domestic cleaning ensured that all things were given a good clean – mattresses, mold and mildew (which could affect a newborn severely), curtains, furniture, bathroom and even kitchen.  Nothing was left out!

Check out our carpet cleaning and domestic cleaning services and call us to book a clean for you. We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra cost!

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