Post construction cleaning in Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3

Post construction cleaning in Belsize Park Gardens, London NW3

Customer Location:

Belsize Park Gardens, North-west London, NW3

The Challenge:

Whenever builders come and leave there is always an almost regrettable amount of mess to clean. Our customer in Belsize Park had an after builders situation with a considerable amount of dust, everywhere! Even in the outside ceiling lanterns. To clean average dusty areas can be a health hazard under normal circumstances, and, can be detrimental to people who are sensitive to dust and will react with allergies.

There is always dust, considerable amounts of dust!  Sometimes, in places that are unreachable or delicate and tricky – like lanterns. The challenge to clean becomes very real in these cases. In addition, our customer needed the cleanup right after construction works had finished, so immediate availability of our cleaners was required, with flexible cleanup appointment.

post construction house cleaning

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean post-construction cleaning service is offered 24 hours, 7 days a week, so you may enter your renovated home the soonest after construction work has finished. We would work day and night to get your property cleaned in full.

Likewise, with this customer our cleaners were ready to enter the property and have it thoroughly cleaned right after construction work was over. They assessed the post-construction cleaning required in every single premise, then furniture was moved around to make sure that dust was not hidden and left uncleaned.

Furniture was dusted and carpets were deeply vacuumed using powerful vacuum cleaners and steam cleaning professional equipment. Hand cleaning was used where necessary. Every place that could possibly collect dust was taken into consideration and cleaned, including the outdoors ceiling lantern where some of the builders’ dust found itself.

The Result:

post construction house cleaning

We cleaned out all the dirt from the customer’s house and left a totally dust free and dirt free home environment for the family to enjoy! There was no chance of dust particles causing allergic reactions or triggering colds or becoming an irritant in any other way. All after builders dust pollution was removed by our cleaners. The house was left clean and refreshed.

Enjoy the results of home reconstruction works and entrust us with restoring the perfect cleanliness of your place! We are available to clean at a short notice, everywhere in London and will ensure brilliant after builders cleaning within shortest terms. Check out the numerous customer testimonials – they speak enough on the quality of our cleaning services.

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