Communal staircase carpet cleaning in Marylebone, London W1G

Communal staircase carpet cleaning in Marylebone, London W1G

Customer Location:

Marylebone, Central London, W1G

The Challenge:

Cleaning any communal area and keeping it clean, on a daily basis, is a challenge under any given circumstance. Sometimes the traffic is just too much, and it makes keeping things clean and in perfect order next to impossible! The challenge gets even more complicated when the traffic is under foot! A communal staircase, for instance, is one such place that will show the dirt trail of communal living very readily. The communal staircase carpet was smeared with dirt and traffic stains from the many feet that constantly trod upon it. That is why our customer in Marylebone called to book Home Maid Clean’s professional carpet cleaning services – to get rid of the dirt and stains that regular vacuuming was not taking care of.

communal staircase carpet cleaning

The Solution:

The carpet cleaning professionals from Home Maid Clean went to this property in Marylebone to clean and restore this well trodden staircase carpet. As per our 9-step carpet cleaning process, heavy carpet stains were pre-treated to ensure they would be fully and efficiently removed. Vacuuming was clearly not doing the job to clean this carpet that was so heavily used; and so, our carpet cleaner used Home Maid Clean’s signature steam carpet cleaning to get rid of all the dirt, stains and cleaning products used to take out the carpet stains.

The Result:

communal staircase carpet cleaning

Following the professional carpet cleaning done by Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning professionals, the colour of this beige communal staircase carpet was restored! Our carpet cleaner steam-cleaned the carpet with the best and most efficient of carpet cleaning products and professional steam cleaning equipment! All the dirt stains and traffic stains were removed and the carpet was once again, looking perfectly clean and welcoming.

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