Commercial upholstery cleaning in South Bank, London, SE1

Customer Location:

South Bank, Central London, SE1

The Challenge:

Clean and colourful upholstered furniture contributes a lot to the atmosphere and comfort of any dining place.  The blue upholstered benches in the famous Wagamama restaurant in South Bank, London rightly served their purpose,  until they started getting filthy from inevitable food  and drink spillage from happy diners. 

Textile absorbs liquid pretty fast, and dark coloured liquids like Pepsi on light-coloured textile can be very unappealing and drive away customers.  Left uncleaned, it could cause odours and completely destroy the material from the inside.  That’s why Home Maid Clean professional commercial upholstery cleaning service was booked by this restaurant.

commercial upholstery cleaning

The Solution:

Our task was to remove all food and drink stains from the upholstery without leaving the material and colour looking washed out, scratched or tacky.  In essence, we needed to restore the aesthetic and hygienic appeal of that environment with our professional cleaning skills and techniques.

To ensure high-quality, thorough cleaning of the benches on all sides, we had to move the furniture as needed. Then, our technicians assessed the bench stains to pick the detergents most appropriate for this commercial upholstery cleaning. We did the necessary pre-soak to lift the stubborn stains and finally proceeded with the overall steam cleaning of the benches.

The Result:

commercial upholstery cleaning

Home Maid Clean left the customer’s dining benches beautifully restored, odour-free and completely stain-free using professional and methodical cleaning approach, and the best steam cleaning equipment and products suitable for commercial upholstered furniture.

Wagamama now has renewed and refreshed blue benches with all food stains removed and looking as fresh as if they were brand new!

Read more on Home Maid Clean commercial upholstery cleaning service and contact us for commercial or domestic cleaning needs!  Whether in an emergency or for planned cleaning schedules, we will deliver all cleaning services at short notice, at no extra cost!

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