Commercial carpet cleaning in a construction company’s office in Central London SW1

Commercial carpet cleaning in a construction company’s office in Central London SW1

Customer Location:

Tottenham Court Road, Central London,  SW1

The Challenge:

Construction and redesign are mostly associated with anticipation and excitement for newness and change, for many of us. And we certainly miss the dirt, mess and confusion that are an inevitable part of the process of construction or remodeling.

Construction comes with dirt – a lot of dirt! The mud caked, construction boot clad feet of hard working engineers must visit the construction office, and carpets laid become victims to the muddy boot marks that define a workman’s steps.

But traces, or even clumps, of mud and dirt on a nice carpet need not cause alarm – Home Maid Clean’s carpet cleaning technicians have all expertise and equipment to thoroughly clean heavily soiled carpets!

commercial carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Our cleaners visited the office space of our customer in Tottenham and assessed the environment to see how badly the carpet was soiled. Assessment of stains is always the first step in our 9-step carpet cleaning process.

Furniture on the carpet was moved around to give the cleaners complete and thorough access for efficient commercial carpet cleaning.

With our effective eco cleaning detergents and state of the art cleaning equipment, the carpet was vacuumed, treated for heavy soiling and stains, and was given our deep cleaning steam treatment.

The Result:

commercial carpet cleaning

Cleaning technicians from Home Maid Clean thoroughly removed all dirt and stains on the carpet that were created by traffic from construction boots!

Our steam commercial carpet cleaning technique also removed dirt, stains and water that may have found itself beneath the surface of the carpet and could cause damage of the fabric and unpleasant odours, had it not been cleaned or not cleaned properly.

The environment was left clean and fresh and the colour of the carpet was fully revived, with no damage on the outside or inside. The customer’s construction office was, once again, feeling and looking perfectly clean and welcoming.

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