Cleaning of wine stains from a carpet in Halo Building Stratford, London E15

Cleaning of wine stains from a carpet in Halo Building Stratford, London E15

Customer Location:

Halo Building, Stratford, East London, e15

The Challenge:

Except when your soothing, heavily pigmented liquid friend hops out of the glass and gets unto your carpet – lightly coloured carpet at that, a glass of wine is everything, occasionally! Your nerves go on edge a little bit at the thought of how to get that strong wine stain out of your carpet.

Our customer in the Halo building had this problem when a bit of her lovely glass of red wine accidentally got unto her lightly coloured carpet. She was concerned that the stain would deface the décor of this high end living accommodation by becoming a permanent stain that she would not be able to remove.

cleaning wine stains

The Solution:

Cleaning wine stains, or any carpet stain, is our specialty at Home Maid Clean! Our carpet cleaning technicians are highly trained at detecting the type and extent of stains, and picking just the right type of treatment needed. So when our customer called to book the removal of wine stains in her carpet, we were already prepared. The stain was not the only thing to consider. Liquid in carpet can get beneath the surface of the carpet and cause compromise from underneath it. 

So the carpet was assessed for the extent to which liquid had seeped into it. The carpet fabric was also carefully evaluated. Finally, the stain was treated using the right combination of carpet cleaning detergents. Using powerful steam carpet cleaning equipment, all dirt residues and any excess liquid were removed to stop any chances of compromise.

The Result:

cleaning wine stains
Wine stains on the carpet were totally treated and removed! So was any excess liquid that might have seeped deep into the carpet from this spill or from the process of the cleaning.

The carpet was restored to its original state – with absolutely no damage to the carpet fabrics or colour. Not only were all carpet stains removed, but any dust or dirt captured in the carpet were cleaned as well.

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