Cleaning traffic stains from a rug in Blackfriars, London SE1

Cleaning traffic stains from a rug in Blackfriars, London SE1

Customer Location:

Blackfriars, Central London, SE1

The Challenge:

Having a stylish rug in a high traffic area is a challenge in itself, just to keep it clean! We fear damaging the exquisite design and material and, eventually, end up with a stylish rug that accumulates heavy stains from high traffic in the name of preservation.

A dull, filthy looking rug that has its beauty and colour masked in dirt loses any appeal at that point.  There is a hardly a dilemma in choosing whether to throw it out or risk cleaning the rug to restore it to its former glory.

And so, our customer in Blackfriars, Central London called us at Home Maid Clean to book our expert carpet cleaning traffic stains service for their heavily stained stylish rug.

cleaning traffic stains

The Solution:

Our cleaning experts discovered that the that true colour of the rug was severely dulled by dirt, grease and soiling from foot traffic stains. And so, they proceeded with applying our 9-step carpet cleaning process, to ensure all stains were removed while preserving the colour and fabrics of the rug.

After the initial assessment of the nature of the stains and carpet fabrics, the appropriate eco cleaning detergents were selected. The rug was then vacuumed to remove excess dirt before pre-treating to lift stubborn stains and heavy grease and track marks.

Home Maid Clean’s technicians finalized this cleaning job with our effective eco cleaners, powerful steam cleaning equipment and signature carpet cleaning traffic stains technique.

 The Result:

cleaning traffic stains

The stylish rug was thoroughly cleaned and refreshed. The colour was renewed from its dull and soiled state to a bright, appealing beautiful appearance!

Our customer was content that their stylish rug was perfectly cleaned and restored from soils and stains from feet of people whose eyes it pleases every day, with all dust and pollutants nicely removed and its colour revived by cleaning experts at Home Maid Clean.

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