Cleaning a tough carpet stain from a bedroom in Paddington

Cleaning a tough carpet stain from a bedroom in Paddington


Paddington, London W2

The Challenge:

We all love to see our bedroom clean and welcoming, smelling nothing but fresh. When our bedroom is clean, we enjoy reading a book, relaxing, or getting a good night’s sleep in it, we feel cozy, comfortable, we feel good.

But, the ambience of our bedroom largely depends on the status of our carpet – clean, or dusty and stained. A dirty carpet can ruin all our efforts in making our bedroom heaven on earth. And keeping a carpet perfectly clean becomes even more important when you are a parent with a toddler!

This was the case with our client from Paddington. She had a toddler who was crawling, but unfortunately, her carpet was dirty and heavily stained. This dirt wouldn’t have been an issue, if not for her crawling toddler. That is why the customer called us to take care of her carpet cleaning for the sake of her toddler’s health.

cleaning tough carpet stain

The Solution:

The stains on the client’s carpet were thick, rough and tough. They were well visible too. Aside from that, the dirty stained carpet was also malodorous which made the bedroom an even more uncomfortable place. Several efforts were made by our customer to clean the dirt but to no avail. This is because not all types of stains or dirt can easily be removed with ordinary household equipment and detergents.

Our client figured out this was not a trivial stain and, desiring a perfectly clean environment for her young one, she contacted us to help her clean the carpet. Our carpet cleaning team was quickly dispatched to this home.

The initial pre-assessment of the carpet fabrics was first done and the right carpet cleaning approach and detergents for this stain were selected. The tough carpet stain was pre-treated, then the entire carpet was deeply cleaned using professional steam cleaning equipment. Hand cleaning was used for the areas difficult to access. Finally, we inspected and deodorized the fully cleaned carpet. All 9 steps in our carpet cleaning process had been strictly followed.

The Result:

cleaning tough carpet stain

The stain got completely removed and the entire carpet was cleaned of dust, dirt, grime and smaller stains. The bad smell was gone and the entire premise was now smelling of nothing but freshness and cleanliness.

The comfort and healthy environment of this bedroom were now fully restored. The toddler was, once again, fully enjoying his time crawling on the carpet, and his mother was pleased that was a safe environment, once again. We left another happy Home Maid Clean customer, who saved tons of time and efforts to deal with cleaning tough carpet stain.

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