Cleaning beer-stained L-shape sofa in Raynes Park, London SW20

Customer Location:

Raynes Park, South West London SW20

The Challenge:

A group of young men gathered to watch a football game will pose a major challenge to whomever must clean that area afterwards!

Unless, of course, all furniture and anything worth preserving is cleared from the area, leaving only bare necessities for testosterone driven excitement to have its way with beers, fizzy drinks and a UEFA Championship game on a TV screen.  Only then will there not be a cleaning crisis.

In this case, there was no clearing of the room, and hence there was beer and fizzy drinks all over a lovely L-shaped sofa.

Cleaning this stained sofa as soon as possible was important.  Not only would the stains be evident on the bright upholstery, but liquid that seeped into the fabric would compromise the seat and cause a bad odour over time if it wasn’t cleaned.

stained sofa

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean had the right solution for this cleaning case!

Our technicians went on location and assessed the nature of the sofa stains and the fabric type.  The sofa was dusted and cleaned and moved around to ensure that no areas were missed and left with stains, soils or even dust.

Using our methodical cleaning approach, the right set of cleaning equipment and cleaning detergents, our cleaning technicians were able to successfully clean up the accidental mess and stains that were made on the sofa.

The Result:

stained sofa

All beer stains had been removed from the sofa fabric.  Thanks to our professional steam cleaning equipment and efficient eco cleaning products, all liquid inside the stained sofa was also removed.

The sofa was refreshed and deodorized and left free of any form of liquid, dust or other foreign matter.

Check out our sofa cleaning service and let us return the glamour of your own sofas too! We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and short notice cleaning comes at no extra cost.

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