Cleaning a stained sofa during relocation process in Charing Cross, London WC2

Cleaning a stained sofa during relocation process in Charing Cross, London WC2

Customer Location:

Charing Cross, Central London, WC2

The Challenge:

When movers fail to protect your furniture during the relocation process, there is a big chance to cause damage and soiling that could compromise, not just the appearance, but also the life span of the furniture.  Our customer in Charing Cross, central London had a case of grease soiled sofa from unprotected packing in the relocation process.  To have dust or dirt get onto textile furniture is one thing, because depending on the extent, it can be easily dusted or otherwise cleaned.  Things take on a whole different cleaning challenge when the soil character is grease, on textile! Cleaning grease stains on fine textile can be difficult – but not impossible for Home Maid Clean!

cleaning stained sofa

The Solution:

Our sofa cleaning technicians are no newbies to grease stains.  Cleaners from Home Maid Clean are skilled in all manner of cleaning needs.  Our training and products are not limited to getting rid of dust.

The sofa was assessed and treated with the requisite products to break up the grease, all the while being mindful not to burn the colour of the fabric or to over-scrub and cause any scuffing or tearing.

The Result:

cleaning stained sofa

With our strategic and methodical approach to sofa cleaning, even grease on fabric is removed with ease!

The grease was successfully removed from the sofa with the best and most appropriate for the fabric eco detergents and state of the art steam cleaning equipment, and our signature sofa cleaning method!

Our cleaners were sure to remove excess water that would have gotten into the sofa during the cleaning process, and the sofa was left completely grease free.

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