Cleaning stained office carpets in the City of London, EC4

Cleaning stained office carpets in the City of London, EC4

Customer Location:

City of London, EC4

The Challenge:

Carpet in an office area that goes dirty comes as no surprise!

An office can be a very active environment with a lot of movements in and out.  Without an organized and routine carpet cleaning schedule things – like dust, dirt and stains can get out of hand (and onto the carpet) quite easily.

A regular cup of coffee keeps the staff going, but on the carpet, that coffee is no good. And, while we understand that the hustle and bustle of productivity and the need to stay alerted could mean coffee spilling on the carpet, those carpet stains add up and quickly become a pain to the eyes, as well as the nose. Dirt and stains do not motivate, neither do they make a good impression with external visitors, so office carpets need to be kept clean or free from unsightly dirt and stains. Here is where professional carpet cleaning comes to help.

cleaning stained office carpets

The Solution:

Our customer in this office in the City of London did the right thing and called us, Home Maid Clean, the carpet cleaning professionals to get rid of the dirt stains from foot marks and spilled coffee stains that had accumulated on the carpet in their office.

Our trained carpet cleaners strictly followed our 9-step carpet cleaning process and first evaluated both the nature of the stains as well as the type of the carpet fabrics. Then, they pre-treated the stains as necessary to make sure that even the hardest of them would be completely removed. The furniture in the office was moved around as much as possible to ensure that every inch of the carpet was properly cleaned.

Then, the carpet was deeply steam cleaned as well as hand cleaned where necessary to get rid of even tiny particles of dust, dirt or spilled liquid leftovers. Thanks to steam carpet cleaning, the unpleasant odours triggered by liquid captured deep into the carpet had been eliminated.

The Result:

cleaning stained office carpets

Our experienced carpet cleaners were able to successfully remove all dirt and coffee stains from the office carpet, without damaging the fibres of the carpet or fading its colour. The carpet was once again dust free, had rejuvenated looks and smelled of nothing but freshness. Once again the carpeted flooring contributed to the feeling of comfort and coziness in this office!

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and call us to get your office carpets thoroughly cleaned and rejuvenated!

We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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