Cleaning soaked carpet in flooded house in Pimlico, Central London SW1P

Customer location:

Pimlico, Central London SW1P

The challenge:

Dealing with flooded environment until a perfectly clean home has been achieved is not easy. We were called to our customer’s house which was flooded during the heavy rain in London last month. The water was all around the house. We had to get rid of the water on the floor and carpets as soon as possible. If the water had stayed longer, it might have damaged the wooden floor and ruined the carpets.

Then, we had to deal with the carpet stains. Too much rubbing would spread the stains and weaken the fibres causing it to wear out quickly. Additionally, if the stains were not removed completely, they would reappear on the surface after some time.

cleaning soaked carpet

The Solution:

After extracting the water from the floor and the carpet, our technician inspected the very expensive handmade Persian carpet and followed our 9-step carpet cleaning process.  He performed deep cleaning soaked carpet with the powerful Prochem equipment that is professionally designed to drive out every bit of the dirt. To treat the very stubborn dirt, he used professional and efficient eco cleaning products.

The Result:

cleaning soaked carpet

We had all water extracted from this customer’s house, up to the last drop. The handmade carpet came out perfectly clean, without a sign of the recent flood it had been into. No damage had occurred on the carpet colours or fabric.

Once again, we left behind an environment that is thoroughly clean, odour-free and – dry! :) Our customer was happy with a home that was, once again, clean and comfortable.

We are committed to give the best service in any situation that requires professional cleaning skills, knowledge and experience. Should you need professional carpet cleaning and domestic cleaning, anywhere in London within the M25, do not hesitate to reach out!

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