Cleaning rust stains from carpet in Baker Street, Marylebone, North West London NW1

Cleaning rust stains from carpet in Baker Street, Marylebone, North West London NW1

Customer Location:

Baker Street, Marylebone, North West London NW1

The Challenge:

We all like to be trampling through our dwelling place on tufted, cushy, carpeted floors.  It adds comfort to our homes – no cold feet in winter and hard surfaces that don’t pamper homely feet!

But when our lightly-coloured carpet areas get stained, especially with visible and stubborn stains like rust ones – we start focusing on the mark and carpeted areas bring us more nuisance than pleasure.

That’s where the expertise of Home Maid Clean’s technicians shows up!  Because cleaning rust from carpets may only be handled by professionals.

cleaning rust


The Solution:

This cleaning case was a regular carpet cleaning request for a customer’s house in Baker Street.  Home Maid Clean team set about its methodical approach to carpet cleaning, and cleaning in general. An important part of this process involves moving around the furniture for a thorough carpet cleaning.

Upon moving a piece of furniture in a corner, a well visible rust stain was discovered on the carpet. Our effective carpet steam cleaning service includes treatment of all carpet stains – not matter whether on visible places or not.

The carpet was vacuumed, our eco detergents were applied as necessary to remove dirt and grease and then special treatment was applied to both the rust stains and other stains discovered on the carpet. Powerful steam cleaning was administered to complete the carpet cleaning.

The result:

cleaning rust

The customer’s carpet was refreshed and the colour revived!  All dust, grease and stains were removed. Our steam cleaning team took care of the rust stain that was discovered beneath the furniture, and also of any allergens that may have been housed in the fibres of the carpet.

The result was a clean, comfy and deodorized carpet!

Should you need professional carpet cleaning, however heavily stained your carpet is, at your home or office – get in touch to book a cleaning slot.

Home Maid Clean operates anywhere in London within the M25. Rush orders are fulfilled at no extra cost. Peek into our Special Offers as well, for current discounts and package deals.

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