Cleaning mould from a sofa in Stockwell, South London SW8

Customer Location:

Stockwell, South London, SW8

The Challenge:

We all are aware of how very intense the effects of mould in any household can be.  The health implications for our entire family can be devastating – prolonged exposure to mould triggers allergies and number of other bad reactions by our bodies.

Plus, when in view, it is rather unsightly, not exactly the kind of image that adds anything to your home décor.

So, our customer, who had been away for 6 months, came home to find that mould had settled on a wall and sofa inside their house, locked up and getting very little ventilation for a long time. And since Home Maid Clean is the master of all cleaning needs, including cleaning mould, we were called to take care of the spreading mould.

cleaning mould

The Solution:

The area was assessed for the extent of the mould growth. The sofa slipcover and inner material were then examined to ensure only appropriate cleaning detergents would be used. The slipcover had been removed so the sofa inside could be deeply treated for mould and the slipcover washed separately.

Furniture was moved around to facilitate thorough cleaning, and the necessary eco detergents were applied to all areas where mould had been noticed.

Our signature sofa cleaning was undertaken to thoroughly clean the sofa of mould that had gotten into it from the wall and could cause serious allergic reactions. Cleaning mould from the wall followed next, gently treating the mould so no damage to the wall surface would occur.

The Result:

cleaning mould domestic cleaning london sofa cleaning london

cleaning mould domestic cleaning london sofa cleaning london

Our cleaning technicians left a household that was completely mould-free in their favourite sitting area. Both the inside and slipcover of the sofa were thoroughly cleaned of the mould, with absolutely no damage or leftover stains. The mould on the wall behind had also been removed, with no damage to its surface or colour.

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