Cleaning greasy carpet stains in an open plan kitchen in Sloane Square, Central London, SW3

Customer location: 

Sloane Square, Central London, SW3

The Challenge


All of us know the joys and sorrows associated with renting. Returning your rented property in less than acceptable condition could cost you quite a few good pennies! And when serious carpet stains get involved – you are definitely better off with a professional, carpet cleaning and end of tenancy cleaning team. Way cheaper than losing your deposit, and time!

This was exactly the case with our customer in Sloane Square who sought our carpet cleaning service to get rid of serious carpet stains in his open-plan kitchen.

An open plan kitchen makes controlling spills and splashes from cooking and daily life a virtually impossible task.  The carpet will tell, and it did tell for this customer in Sloane Square!

greasy carpet stains


The Solution

This was a truly challenging carpet cleaning case and we put our 9-step carpet cleaning method to the test. After our pre- cleaning inspection, vacuuming, spray cleaning and powerful equipment cleaning, we also did spot stain treatment, giving special attention to areas that had really heavy stains, ensuring that there was not even the faintest of stain marks at the end of the process!

The grease stains on the carpet (a common problem with open plan kitchen settings) needed a special treatment with appropriate high-efficiency cleaning products and techniques. Short time was also a challenge, but – we did it, again.



carpet stains

A sparklingly clean carpet – this is what our carpet cleaners had in the end! No signs of stains and grease – the carpet was like new! Smelling fresh and deodorized, on top of that, completely dry and ready to be inspected.

Another customer pleased to get his rental deposit back thanks to Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning services.

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