Cleaning Coca Cola stain from a carpet in Paddington, West London, W2

Customer Location:

Paddington, West London, W2

The Challenge:

Having a carpet cleaning catastrophe is highly likely when having a fizzy drink fix is a regular thing.

A slip of the fingers or the cup, a stomp of the toe, a little jerk of the table…  Any regular day to day life occurrence could have that liquid out of your cup and unto your carpet – the place you are least desirous of having it, for so many reasons!

And while you may be tempted to ignore clear liquid spill on your carpet, pat it with a towel and hope it dries out soon, life and carpet preservation gets a whole lot more complicated when that liquid is coloured!  Because, now there is a stain that may remain and take much away from the look of your carpet if it’s not cleaned.

cleaning coca cola stain before

The Solution:

Home Maid Clean technicians are the experts at carpet cleaning and stain removal; and we know the importance of cleaning up liquid spills from carpets as soon as possible. So, when our customer called to book us for urgent carpet cleaning of a Coca Cola stain, we had the cleanup strategy ready – our 9-step carpet cleaning process and just the right set of cleaning detergents.

Of course, we used our signature approach to not only cleaning Coca Cola stain, but also to deeply clean this carpet from dust and other stains we noticed. We also extracted all moisture that was present in the carpet following the spill. All these would save the carpet from being damaged – both in terms of colour and fabric.

The result:

cleaning coca cola stain after

Thanks to a combination of skills, top of the line professional carpet cleaning equipment, appropriately selected and efficient detergents and an effective cleaning Coca Cola stain strategy we left a customer with a stain-free, deeply and thoroughly cleaned and refreshed carpet! The carpet fabric was saved from being damaged and any chance for unpleasant smell or bacteria in the carpet, following the spill, was eliminated.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and get in touch for carpet stain removal or deep cleaning of carpets from dust, bacteria and allergens. Take a look at our Special Offers too, for monthly package offers and discounts.

We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and handle urgent cleaning requests at no extra cost.

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