Cleaning carpet stains under the doors in Richmond, TW9

Cleaning carpet stains under the doors in Richmond, TW9

Customer Case:

Carpet Cleaning in Richmond, South-west London TW9

The Challenge:

Knowing that you do all you can to keep your carpet clean but still, you are unable to get rid of some stubborn, unsightly carpet stains can be quite distressing! It can be especially annoying when the carpet is a lightly coloured one. The carpet stains seem even more overbearing and unsightly with no shades or dark colours to mask them. Thinking of a solution or trying to find and execute a solution to get rid of such annoying stains is a big job in itself. Then, there is the actual job of trying to clean the stained area. Without expert carpet cleaning knowledge any effort could end up worsening the problem or simply wasting resources on expensive carpet cleaning products.

Our customer in Richmond had tried to clean away these black stains from under the doors on their carpet but to no avail.

cleaning carpet stains

The Solution:

Following our 9-step carpet cleaning process, our experienced carpet cleaning technicians first assessed the nature of the stain and the type of the carpet fabrics. Then they chose steam carpet cleaning as the best option for cleaning the type of carpet stain identified.

Steam carpet cleaning is one of our tried and true strategies at Home Maid Clean for deep cleaning any carpet! Steam cleaning is the best option to fight stubborn stains, especially on delicate colours and fabric. There is no need for excessive scrubbing to cause scuffing, tearing or fading!

Our carpet cleaning technicians combined the steam cleaning with our powerful professional carpet cleaning detergents. Those would ensure immaculate clean, without damaging the carpet integrity or colours.

The Results:

cleaning carpet stains

All the black stains under the doors were completely removed! And, even though it seemed that the carpet was already clean otherwise, our cleaners cleaned it totally throughout the entire house to ensure that there was an even finish.

The result was a perfectly clean carpet, free of stains, free of dirt, dust and allergens. The carpet colour was refreshed and the entire premise smelled of nothing but freshness.

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