Cleaning carpet spill in Wapping, London E1W

Cleaning carpet spill in Wapping, London E1W

Customer Case:

Carpet cleaning in Wapping, London E1W

The Cleaning Challenge:

The room in a dwelling that most of us insist on being neat and clean is the bedroom. If not just because a clean and hygienic bedroom atmosphere is naturally more conducive to rest and relaxation then, surely, because the effects of an unclean place to sleep in wreaks havoc on one’s health and well-being.

Try as we might to keep the bedroom clean, accidents do happen, and next thing you know there is a spillage on the bedroom carpet that will not only affect the carpet eventually, but will also cause an odour that might cause allergic reactions in people. Who wants all that mess?

cleaning carpet spill

The Solution:

Our customer who accidentally knocked a glass of liquid off his bedside table and unto his carpet certainly didn’t want that.  And so, he sought to get the carpet cleaned, not only from the drink spill, but also from the little stains that accumulated around his bedside table. Our professional carpet cleaning team was called to help.

As the first step in our 9-step carpet cleaning process, our carpet cleaning technicians assessed the customer’s carpet so that Home Maid Clean’s signature carpet cleaning strategy could be effectively administered. The carpet fabrics and colours were carefully evaluated and the nature of all carpet stains was identified. An appropriate carpet cleaning detergent was then selected to efficiently take out all stains, without fading out the carpet colour or destroying the carpet fabrics in any way.

As a next step in the carpet stain removal process, the carpet was dusted and vacuumed using powerful and professional carpet cleaning equipment. All furniture was moved from it, the carpet stains were treated, with hand cleaning applied where necessary, in the parts most difficult to reach.

The Result:

cleaning carpet spill

Thanks to efficient carpet cleaning eco detergents, professional equipment and expertise, we got any single stain out of this light-coloured bedroom carpet. Our customer was satisfied that his bedroom carpet was not only rid of stains, but also of any dirt and dust that had accumulated deep into the carpet fabrics. Noxious odours that inevitably occur when liquid is captured into carpet fabrics stood no chance after cleaners from Home Maid Clean were done with that carpet!

The carpet was left thoroughly fresh and clean, much to the satisfaction of the customer!

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