Cleaning blood stains from carpet in Embankment, Central London WC2N

Customer Location:

Embankment, Central London, WC2N

The Challenge:

The adventure of childhood comes with incidence such as bumps and bruises and collision with household items; and some will bleed a little bit more than others. The joys of parenthood anticipate these.

But there is a problem when the bleeding happens on textile surfaces such as the carpet. Joy turns to moans and groans and excessive scrubbing trying to deal with cleaning blood stains from the carpet.

It doesn’t have to be a painful ordeal to clean blood from carpet if Home Maid Clean is booked for the job. And so our customer from Embankment, who had previously used our cleaning services, called us to book carpet cleaning where there were blood stains.

cleaning blood stains

The Solution:

Our well trained and highly skilled carpet cleaning technicians assessed the blood stains on the carpet as well as the carpet fabric, in order to pick the most effective approach for cleaning them without damaging the carpet textile or colors.

Resistant stains were pre-soaked with effective eco detergents to avoid over scrubbing, the risk of ripping or tearing the carpet, or fading the colour with heavy scrubbing.  Then, with our methodical approach, the carpet cleaning was complete using professional and powerful steam cleaning equipment.

The Result:

cleaning blood stains

All blood stains were completely removed from the carpet.  In addition, the carpet was rid of all dust and pollutants that act as allergy stimulants, especially to children.

The environment was left clean, stain-free and healthy for a young child and for the entire household.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and call us to book thorough steam cleaning of your own carpets too. We clean everywhere in London within the M25 and clean at a short notice, at no extra cost. Take a look at our monthly Special Offers too – a discount might be waiting for you!

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