Cleaning blood-stained carpet in Wandsworth, London SW18

Cleaning blood-stained carpet in Wandsworth, London SW18

Customer Case:

Blood-stained carpet cleaning in Wandsworth, London SW18

The Challenge:

Cleaning blood-stained carpet is not an easy job. The natural proteins in blood cannot be dissolved and cleaned by water, and so, a specific cleaning approach needs to be taken. On carpet textile, the cleanup task can be particularly tricky. Blood gets into the carpet fibres and the stain can hide itself and become quickly problematic to clean.

Trying to scrub the blood from a carpeted surface could cause scuffing of the surface colour and a pitch-patch, uneven appearance after the carpet cleaning is done. Knowing how to treat the blood stain to lift it from the surface without the need for over-scrubbing is crucial.

This is why our customer from Wandsworth decided to use professional carpet cleaners that understood how to treat and remove blood without damaging the fabrics and colour of his carpeted staircase.

cleaning blood-stained carpet

The Solution:

Our customer in Wandsworth made the best decision to call Home Maid Clean carpet cleaning team to remove the blood from her cut hand that had gotten unto the stairs. As required by our 9-step carpet cleaning process, our carpet cleaning technicians assessed the carpet stain and the carpet fabrics. The most appropriate professional carpet cleaning product had been selected, considering the nature of the stain and the textile it had gotten onto. Testing ensured that the selected detergent would not affect the colour and integrity of the textile, but at the same time would guarantee a thorough and effective carpet clean.

After the proper stain pre-treatment and soaking were administered, the full steam carpet cleaning of the stairs was done to clean out all the blood that had gotten into the carpet fabrics. The steam cleaning also entirely removed dust, dirt and bacteria captured into the carpeted surface.

The Result:

cleaning blood-stained carpet

Our cleaners did a superb job! Every drop of blood was cleaned from the carpeted stairs and not a sign of the accident remained on them! All the blood stains were completely cleaned and there were no faded colour spots or carpet areas that were not properly cleaned.

The carpeted stairs looked and smelled perfectly clean, the carpet colour was refreshed. Thanks to the efficient carpet cleaning done, the carpeted stairs looked rejuvenated and were, once again, contributing to the feeling of comfort in our customer’s home.

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and call us to book a cleaning slot for you. We will clean all carpet stains, even on delicate and light-colour carpet surfaces.

We clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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