Sofa steam cleaning in Greenwich, East London SE10

Sofa steam cleaning in Greenwich, East London SE10

Customer Location:

Greenwich, East London, SE10

The Challenge:

The joys of having children and the challenges of keeping a house clean with them is a balance yet to be perfectly achieved by so many parents! Our customer in Greenwich needed to clean a sofa that was well used by their toddler.  This sofa seemed to be the place that this precious little one liked to enjoy snack time. There is no way to restrict a toddler from certain spaces, but it can be a mammoth task to clean the mess that is inevitably left behind.

The challenge now was to successfully remove visible residue from snacks and juices that was generously distributed on the sofa causing some soiling and unpleasant odours.

clean sofa

The Solution:

Our cleaning technicians went to the family house and assessed the sofa to determine the extent of the soiling, the stain type as well as the sofa fabrics.

The sofa was moved around to allow the cleaning technicians access to hard to reach parts and crevices.  Food particles were thoroughly removed and the sofa was deeply vacuumed to get rid of dust and tiny snack bits that have been trapped in the fabric of the sofa.

The deep sofa cleaning was carried out following the strict Home Maid Clean processes and standards. The sofa stains were treated with effective eco detergents and finally all dirt residue taken out using powerful steam cleaning equipment.

The Result:

clean sofa

Liquid stains were completely eliminated, even those trapped beneath the surface of the sofa. All dirt, dust and soiling were completely removed. The triggers of bad odours were no longer there and so – our customer had a perfectly clean sofa, smelling of nothing but freshness. The sofa had been cleaned with eco detergents appropriate for the sofa fabrics so no damage on the colors or fabric integrity had been done.

The customer was pleased to see his perfectly clean sofa – it had become, again, a clean and healthy space for a young child to hang out.

Don’t let dirt and dust be part of your child’s environment. Our sofa cleaning technicians will help you keep your home clean and healthy, wherever you are located in London. Check out more sofa cleaning customer success stories.

We take urgent cleaning requests at no extra cost and our customer testimonials speak enough of the high quality of our cleaning services.

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