Plush chair cleaning in North Kensington, West London, W8

Customer Location:

North Kensington, West London

The Challenge:

Re-decorating and renovating your home makes wonders, but may be disastrous for your furniture!  Furniture deep cleaning is almost always necessary at the end of the works.

Where the requisite knowledge, skills and resources to properly cover furniture for protection and preservation are absent, the result on upholstery can be, at best, very annoying; and if it’s treasured plush chairs – just grievous!

This was the challenge for our customer in North Kensington.  Dust from redecorating had gotten unto their lovely plush chairs.  And, we know that dust left in textile will compromise the material over time and even generate an unpleasant smell, if left uncleaned. Timely cleaning was crucial.

chair cleaning

The Solution: 

Home Maid Clean was called to handle this delicate matter of chair cleaning and restoring these lovely upholstered, plush pieces.

As usual, our cleaners put into service our methodical upholstery cleaning approach to accomplish a proper, thorough and effective cleaning of these plush chairs. The chairs were moved around, dusted and assessed for the most effective eco cleaner to be used that would not damage the fabric and colours. After the cleaning process, our steam cleaning technique was used to complete the chair cleaning to an immaculate finish!

The Result:

chair cleaning

With modern, powerful equipment and effective eco-friendly detergents our cleaners were able to completely take out the dust from these plush chairs.

With steam cleaning, not only was the dust removed, but any soiling that had gotten beneath the surface of the fabric of the chairs was also cleaned.

Steam cleaning rid the chairs of all kinds of pollutants that might have been caught and lodged in the fabric over time, leaving the chair upholstery looking more refreshed and alive, and also dust free and smelling clean.

If your upholstered furniture needs a deep clean, from dust, stains and any kind of pollutants –

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