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DIY Upholstery Cleaning – How to clean upholstery stains

DIY Upholstery Cleaning – How to clean upholstery stains

If your upholstery has small and fresh upholstery stains – you may as well try to clean those yourself, without using professional steam upholstery cleaning.

Tips for great results in cleaning upholstered items yourself:

Don’ts for cleaning upholstery stains:

  • Do not saturate the surface.
    This may cause damages and leave spots in the area you have tried to clean. Soft furniture is vulnerable to dirt and stains. Grime can get even deeper into the material if saturated.
  • Do not start before you test your cleaning ...
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DIY Mattress Cleaning – How to Remove Mattress Stains

We often forget about mattress cleaning when we do our deep domestic cleaning. We mainly think about our carpets, upholstery, floors and bathrooms…

But, mattresses collect dirt the same way other soft furniture does.  Not to mention mites and microorganisms that are living creatures and cause lots of allergies on some people. And how about the unpleasant yellow mattress stains showing up with the time? (usually triggered by sweat, spilled beverages and other body liquids).

Here are a few tips on how to clean ...

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Professional Cleaning is not ‘Causa Perduta’

Best tips for professional cleaning


You don’t have to be a professional cleaner to clean your place as well as professionals do. All you have to do is to apply some of their best tricks in professional cleaning. In other words, use the “I- learn -from -the -best” technique, as that famous song sings. 

What do professional cleaners do?

Here are some key tips for professional cleaning

1. No waste ...

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Upholstery Cleaning – Easy and Cheap

‘Easy and cheap? Really?’’, you would ask. Even though those two sound like mutually exclusive ideas, upholstery cleaning may turn out to be really easy and -more than that – inexpensive.
It is all about some little tricks you need to do. Nothing complicated – just a few simple steps.

Upholstery cleaning Step # 1

Vacuum cleaning schedule

Chairs, couches and all soft furniture are to be cleaned regularly to look nice and to ...

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