Cleaning serious radiator leak and soaked carpet in South East London

In a series of blog posts we will be covering a few of our numerous customer success stories, telling more on the cleaning challenges we were faced with and how we handled those. In this post comes our first success story – on the radar in it is our carpet cleaning service.

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Customer Location

Canada Water, South East London SE16

The Challenge

Water leakage in your home can be one of the peskiest little occurrences that deface your personal space. It is even more so when the soiling is caused by radiator leak.

Radiator water is not clean water, it contains dust and rust. Soaking your expensive carpets in such water for even a few hours can leave stains and damage the carpet fabric.

Leaks, if not cleaned within shortest terms, can damage your flooring and even cause leak stains on your neighbour floor or ceiling. Not to mention the dirt spreading out across the entire house and the unpleasant odour that goes along with all this.

Carpet cleaning service in London

The solution

When we were contacted to resolve the situation by our customer in Canada Water, South East London SE16, we directly suggested same day cleaning service. We were ready to send our trained cleaners within 2 hours after receiving the call, to eliminate any possibility of damage to the carpet and the floor beneath. Home Maid Clean charges no rush-fee for same day cleaning service.

Upon arrival, our trained and certified team did a pre-cleaning inspection to identify the best cleaning equipment and eco detergents to be used. We used spot and stain removal system, deep steam cleaning and hand cleaning where necessary.

The area and carpet were entirely cleaned within 2 hours.


Carpet cleaning service and radiator leak cleaning service in London
Even at short notice, Home Maid Clean delivered a professional, high quality carpet cleaning service. Our powerful professional carpet cleaning equipment extracted dust buried deep in the carpet. Our steam process using Prochem carpet cleaning equipment and solutions gently removed the soiling and revived the colour of the carpet.

We left behind dust-free and odour-free air, a stain-free, damage-free and colour-vibrant carpet. This result was achieved thanks to high quality cleaning equipment, efficient eco detergents and well-trained cleaning professionals.

We wouldn’t have achieved this result, of course, without the immediate reaction of our customer. They had used Home Maid Clean for previous cleaning assignments and were certain we could respond to their needs within shortest terms.

Count on Home Maid Clean for urgent or planned carpet cleaning, everywhere in London within the M25check out our carpet cleaning prices and discounts.

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