Cleaning makeup stains from a carpet in Kings Cross, London N1C

Cleaning makeup stains from a carpet in Kings Cross, London N1C

Customer Location:       

Plimsoll Building, Kings Cross, London N1C

The Challenge:

Moving into a brand new building is exhilarating, no doubt!

Everything is spanking clean, crisp and brand new!  No worries about dirty, filthy carpets or mouldy surroundings to cause allergies, and no problems with ugly dirt stains and strange soils to rob you of aesthetic therapy in your living environment.

So, one can imagine how frustrated our client in this brand new building was when the dreaded accident of spilling something unto his brand new carpet happened.  Worse, it wasn’t a spill that could have been easily cleaned up with a wet rag and be forgotten.

Makeup stains, unless on the skin, can be quite menacing.  And when it gets unto your brand new carpet…  Heck!

cleaning makeup stains

The Solution:

Our carpet cleaning technicians went on location to the rescue of our very perturbed customer and her makeup-stained, brand new carpet. To ensure efficient and thorough carpet cleaning, our technicians followed our strict 9-step carpet cleaning process.

The carpet was first assessed based on its material and colour. Then, the most effective eco detergent was chosen to treat and clean the stain but at the same time preserve the colour and the integrity of the material. The makeup stains were then cleaned using powerful steam cleaning equipment. Hand cleaning was used where necessary.

The Result:

cleaning makeup stains

The makeup stained carpet that was thought to be ruined and beyond repair was thoroughly cleaned of all makeup stains! Our cleaners restored the piece to its former state of newness and cleanliness – with no damage to the carpet fabrics or colour!

Thanks to the expertise of Home Maid Clean’s carpet cleaning technicians, we got yet another happy customer, willingly recommending our carpet cleaning services to others.

There is no stain we can’t remove – be it on your carpet, sofa or mattress. Check out the feedback we get from so many happy customers and call us to book your carpet cleaning slot.

We clean everywhere in London, at really competitive rates.

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