Carpet cleaning of heavy and greasy traffic stains

Customer Location

West Hampstead, North-West London, NW6

The Challenge

traffic stains carpet cleaning London

We all can relate to the effects of shoes on the regularly trodden path.  It gets even more complicated when what’s being trodden under foot is textile, like carpet!

Left uncleaned, any carpet can be a grimy and matted sight that dampens and crushes the aesthetic appeal of the environment.

Our carpet cleaning service was solicited for a family house in West Hampstead, London NW6 specifically for heavy, greasy traffic stains removal along the path on the carpet where family would walk, with shoes, leaving unsightly track marks over time.

This customer’s house boasted a lot of furniture, and the cleaner had to ensure that the legs of the furniture would not undo the carpet cleaning job by discolouring the damp carpet wherever they rested.

The Solution

Our trained and certified team took on the challenge by assessing the environment for the appropriate and most effective strategy to get a thorough carpet cleaning done.

Heavy traffic stain removal requires spot stain treatment, which meant moving around the many pieces of furniture to accomplish a thorough clean when vacuuming and pre-soaking.

And, as a result of high quality training and expertise, the cleaner recognized that the newly cleaned, damp carpet would have to be protected from damage from the furniture and took precautions by inserting protectors beneath the legs of the furniture to prevent them from discolouring the damp carpet.


traffic stains carpet cleaning London


Home Maid Clean left a satisfied customer with a properly clean and regenerated carpet.  There was no more dust, grease and grime, and no more foot path to be seen. The family could enjoy a clean, tufted looking carpet with vibrant colour.

This house in north-west London was left fresh and free from the smell of dust and the sight of grease and beaten carpet.  The family could enjoy a clean, tufted looking carpet with vibrant colour.

This cleaning case was quote complex due to the nature and intensity of the traffic stains, and the host of furniture in the premise. Experience and expertise with carpet cleaning, however, helped to produce a perfect carpet cleaning result, one more time.

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