Car interior steam cleaning London

The Challenge:

The family car is one of the places where stains and dirt can accumulate at the most unusual places.

Depending on the size and activities of the family, spills and stains can end up in the tightest of crevices of the car.  Juice and snack spills, makeup soils, crayon, coffee… You name it.

And if these stains would confine themselves to the cup holder space or, maybe a spot or two on the car seat, then that wouldn’t be too bad.  But, coffee spills and juice that soaks into car floors and under car seats become pretty unpleasant to both the eyes and nose after a short while. How to deal with those without making matters worse than they already are?

car interior steam cleaning london

The Solution:

Many customers with large families book our car interior cleaning service on a regular basis, e.g once a month and combine this service with our domestic cleaning service. This saves time and costs and ensures that the entire family spends their time at home or travelling, in a germ-free, healthy environment.

And so, when our customer called to book our car interior cleaning service along with the regular domestic cleaning he had scheduled for the week, we packed our specific car interior cleaning detergents and steam cleaning equipment and headed for the customer’s home.

With our signature steam cleaning technique, using professional and powerful steam cleaning equipment and eco detergents our cleaning technicians got rid of all soils and stains in that family car. Any dirt and spillage was extracted from the insides of the seats. Bad smell was eliminated and even the tiniest dust particles had been vacuumed out.

The Result:

car interior steam cleaning london

We left a car that was sparkly clean, as good as new!  Spot free, soil free, dust free, odour free!

In addition to lacking a single stain, the car smelled nice and fresh too, without the irritating effects of harsh chemicals that can be damaging to the health of the family!

Check out our car interior cleaning service and read more customer case studies in our blog.

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