Blood stains carpet cleaning in Westminster, London SW1V

Blood stains carpet cleaning in Westminster, London SW1V

Customer Location:

Westminster, Central London, SW1V

The Challenge:

Cleaning blood stains from a carpet is a major challenge for many. Understandably so, because blood stains are difficult to get out, particularly from textile surfaces such as carpets. There is always a challenge with over scrubbing the stained surface area or damaging the colour of the material in the carpet cleaning process.  That challenge can be easily solved if one is aware of the proper blood stains carpet cleaning technique that will efficiently remove blood stains and other resistant stains.

When it comes to resistant carpet stains, cleaning the carpet stain as soon as possible is one of the most effective ways to ensure complete removal. This is particularly valid about cleaning blood stains from textile surfaces.  Leaving the stain too long will not only deface the carpet, but the stain will ‘set’ as time passes and gets increasingly difficult to clean.

So, when our customer in Westminster called to book a next day carpet cleaning to get rid of blood stains from a wounded pet, we understood the urgency and scheduled the carpet cleaning service in our first available slot.

blood stains carpet cleaning

The Solution:

Our cleaners went to the customer’s location and assessed the carpet to be cleaned – in terms of colors and fabrics – as well as the nature of the stain. Assessment is the first stage in our 9-step carpet cleaning process and it guarantees that the stain will be treated and removed using the most efficient cleaning detergents and carpet cleaning method.

The blood stains from the dog’s hurt paw were then pre-treated with professional and efficient carpet cleaning products that would be efficient with cleaning the blood while being gentle to the delicate carpet fabrics. Then, deep carpet cleaning as well as hand cleaning where necessary had been used, to ensure complete removal of even the tiniest blood stains.

The blood stains were removed from the customer’s carpet with expert carpet cleaning precision! 

The Result:

blood stains carpet cleaning

At the end of this pretty challenging carpet cleaning project our customer was pleased to see that all blood stains were completely removed and the carpet fabrics were left completely undamaged during the process.  Not only had the carpet been saved from blood stain residue as well as carpet cleaning products residue – it was left perfectly clean from dust and dirt captured deep into the carpet fabrics. Thanks to our powerful and professional carpet cleaning equipment, all bacteria and allergens caught inside the carpet had been extracted in the process of cleaning the blood stain. The carpet was left perfectly clean, fresh and deodorized.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and book your carpet cleaning slot, no matter how tough your carpet stain is!

We clean carpets – both domestic and office carpets – everywhere in London and short notice carpet cleaning, as well as emergency cleaning, comes at no extra cost.

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