Beige rug steam cleaning in Mayfair, West End

Beige rug steam cleaning in Mayfair, West End

Customer Case: 

Beige rug steam cleaning in Mayfair, West End, London, W1J

The Cleaning Challenge:

Entertaining and keeping your hosting area clean can be a real challenge sometimes. When friends and family gather to catch up and socialize, there is always the possibility of some exuberance from the adrenaline of camaraderie and socializing that may cause some cleaning woes. Accidents that cause soils and spills on the carpet or rug are likely to happen, unfortunately.

Guests are forgiven, cute apologies given and carpet cleaning options silently considered for later.

Cleaning a light coloured rug that got multiple stains from milk, sugar, coffee and tea can be a big job. The light rug colour means well-visible and unpleasant rug stains and scrubbing with domestic cleaning detergents can only make things worse. Which is more, milk, coffee and tea, when trapped into the carpet for a few days, will start giving out quite an unpleasant smell. Professional carpet cleaning help is the best solution in this domestic cleaning situation.

beige rug steam cleaning

The Cleaning Solution:

Our customer in Mayfair called us at Home Maid Clean for this carpet cleaning job. Our carpet cleaning technicians had been recommended to our customer by another customer of ours – we want to use the occasion to thank everyone who spreads the word about the quality of our carpet cleaning services!

Following our strict 9-step carpet cleaning process, the rug was first assessed by our carpet cleaners to determine its fabrics, colours and the origin of the stains. The assessment helped identify the type of cleaning as well as the best rug cleaning detergents that would produce the most effective clean.

The stains were treated accordingly to lift all the stickiness and resistant stains from the rug. Then, the entire rug had been steam cleaned to ensure even the tiniest particles of the cleaning detergent had been removed and all dust, dirt and allergens taken out from the rug fabrics.

The Cleaning Result:

beige rug steam cleaning

The rug was perfectly cleaned of all coffee stains, sugar, milk and other liquids that had got onto its fine fabrics and light colours.

No stains were left in the rug and our carpet cleaners were sure to remove all excess water from the drinks and from the cleaning that could cause deterioration of the rug fabrics. Thanks to the prompt action by our customer, bad smells that had just started to shape up were fully eliminated. The rug colours were much rejuvenated and the welcoming and comfortable atmosphere of the customer’s room was fully restored.

Check out our carpet cleaning service and schedule a cleaning for your rug or carpet. We clean rugs and carpets of any size and type anywhere in London, including Persian, Turkish, Chinese, Indian and Oriental carpets.

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