Beetroot carpet stain removal in Canary Wharf, London E14

Beetroot carpet stain removal in Canary Wharf, London E14

Customer Case:

Beetroot stain carpet cleaning in Pan Peninsula, Canary Wharf E14

The Challenge:

Employing self help to clean intense carpet stains like beetroot carpet stains, sometimes proves that you just need the carpet cleaning professionals! Our customer figured they could simply get rid of some beetroot spills from the carpet by using some available bleaching product. Cleaning stains can be easy, but it depends on what we know about stains and the dynamics involved with the stain and the surface.

And cleaning stains from carpets is usually far more complicated, requiring specific knowledge about the carpet fabrics, the spilled liquid and the effect a carpet cleaning solution might have on those.

beetroot carpet stain removal

The Solution:

Knowledge and experience has taught us at Home Maid Clean that there is a chance that intense carpet stains that have already been attempted to be cleaned are among the hardest to get rid of. The stain is usually wrongly rubbed deep into the carpet fabrics and might even have damaged the carpet material.

We explained this to our customer who had attempted to clean their carpet stains with no success. She trusted our expertise to rescue her attempts at cleaning stains from the carpet in the flat she had just moved into.

Our carpet cleaning technicians did their best at pre-treating the stain with our highly potent, but safe detergent. Strictly following our 9-step carpet cleaning process, they deeply cleaned the stain, as well as the entire carpet using powerful and professional carpet cleaning equipment.

The Result:

beetroot carpet stain removal

Even with the reality of overcoming impossible resilience due to previous attempts at cleaning, the beetroot carpet stain removal was successful. Much to the delight of our customer, the beetroot stains left absolutely no evidence. Additionally, the carpet was steam-cleaned to freshness, removing all dirt, dust and mites captured into it.

Check out our steam carpet cleaning service and call us to book a cleaning slot for you. We will clean even the most intense carpet stains, including on delicate and light-colour carpet surfaces.

Our carpet cleaners clean everywhere in London and can be booked at short notice at no extra charge!

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