Airbnb cleaning in Euston Square

Airbnb cleaning in Euston Square

Customer Location:

Euston Square, Greater London NW1

The Challenge:

It can be difficult to manage the integrity and hygiene of a property that is constantly being let to different occupants. It is crucial to ensure that the property is always cleaned and properly managed, despite the short time in between guests. Property cleanliness is essential for any traveller and, hence, often substantially reflects upon the property rating left by the guest.

That is why our customer decided to book Home Maid Clean Airbnb cleaning services and let us take care of the cleaning of his Airbnb property in between guests.

airbnb cleaning London

airbnb cleaning London

The Solution:

Being informed of the expected guest leave time, our cleaning team arrived to thoroughly clean and disinfect the property, making sure it was completely ready for the next guest.

We cleaned all areas, vacuumed and mopped the floors and cleaned the refrigerator from the inside out.  Cupboards were not left out, since these are areas that roving tourists are almost certain to use inside their rest spots on their sojourns, and who wants to use a dirty cupboard!

The bathrooms took a healthy scrub by Home Maid Clean standards and even skirting boards were a part of the mass clean up. As is usual for our Airbnb cleaning London service, we cleaned following a detailed checklist agreed with our customer, to ensure than no spot would be missed within the short time frame we had before the next guest arrived.

The Result:

airbnb cleaning London

airbnb cleaning London

Despite the short time frame available, we left a completely clean, grease-free, dust-free, disinfected and nicely deodorized environment that any guest would feel quite at home in! For sure the cleanliness of the property would contribute to the guest’s satisfaction and his great property review following the stay.

Check out our Airbnb cleaning service and call us to arrange cleaning for your own Airbnb-rented property as well. We’ll fit the time slots in between guests and will clean anywhere in London within the M25. Short notice cleaning comes at no extra cost!

Book your Airbnb cleaning London slot now at:

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