After builders cleaning of a refurbished house in Notting Hill

Customer Location:

Notting Hill, North-west London, W11

The Challenge:

Maintaining the integrity and architectural relevance of a home is always an exciting idea. Newness is great, but the price is – dust. Dust and dirt everywhere! Refurbishing means inevitable massive after builders cleaning London afterwards.

It’s the part of the expectations that is not looked forward to, but however, must be done.

Cleaning a very large house that has just been refurbished is a rather daunting task. Dust left to in corners or on books and furniture not only poses health risks but also causes odours, contributes to mould and mildew and will cause the deterioration of your books and furniture over time. The cleaning job has to be properly done, but the problem is getting a guaranteed good clean of a very big space.

after builders cleaning London

 The Solution:

Getting expert cleaners to handle cleaning projects like these is the best option. Technicians at Home Maid Clean have the skills and the equipment to get a job like this done, and we got it done with absolute precision and within the tight timeframe allocated for the cleanup.

We cleaned with an utmost attention to the details and needs for this specific job. From carpet steam cleaning and mattress steam cleaning, dusting of furniture and drapery to vacuuming the right way and in the not-to-be-missed places, and even making sure that all the books were dusted – individually. The bathroom needed an overall cleanup as well – wet dust had left stains all over and both the tiles and bathroom furniture had to be fully cleaned.

 The Result:

after builders cleaning London


after builders cleaning London

This lovely, big and newly refurbished house was given the clean it deserved!

All dust from the construction was removed and the property was returned to a pleasant, clean and deodorized state with gentle detergents and efficient professional equipment. The owners were ready to move back in and enjoy in full the comfort and visual appeal of their renovated place.

Check out our after builders cleaning London service and get in touch with us next time you are planning a renovation of your home. We clean day and night, 7 days a week, to ensure you may step into your modernized home shortly after works have been completed.

We clean everywhere in London and boast of excellent feedback from our customerscheck out our customer testimonials!

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